Badge #1: Gold Partner - Satisfaction Guaranteed
The gold badge is awarded to those property agents/owners who have signed a memorandum of understanding contract with PROPERTY EXPO. Their listed contact details are correct and genuine and have presented documents to PROPERTY EXPO in confirmation of the same.

Badge #2: Standard Verified User
This badge is awarded to those property agents/owners who have presented their documents to PROPERTY EXPO to confirm their authenticity. PROPERTY EXPO has not verified about the availability of the properties listed by those users who have been awarded this badge.

Badge #3: Unverified User
This is the default badge awarded to agents/users of the PROPERTY EXPO website. PROPERTY EXPO has not established about the authenticity of the contact information being listed by these users. Be extra careful when dealing with these users especially before entering into any kind of legally binding contract.

For more information about getting your account verified please contact the administrator